Wolfgang Petri Net Editor

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Wolfgang is a lightweight tool that allows users to easily create and edit Petri nets and check them against general and workflow specific net properties. Specifically, Wolfgang supports full PNML conform editing functionality of Place-Transition Nets (P/T-Nets) and Colored Petri Nets (CPN) as they are defined in the SEPIA library. Its simple and easy to use interface allows to quickly create Petri nets from scratch, edit them graphically in many ways, store and even export them as PDFs. Use Wolfgang to smoothly create the Petri net you want!


SWAT 2.0 Security Workflow Analysis Tool

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The Security Workflow Analysis Tool (SWAT) is a platform for modelling and analyzing workflows. It comes with ananlysis approaches to search for data leaks in workflows.



SecSy Security-oriented Log Synthesis

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SecSy is a tool for security-oriented log synthesis. Besides basic synthesis properties (cases per day, office hours, randomized activity duration, ...), its detailed parameter setting for simulating business processes also allows to specify data usage (objects and access modality), actors for process activities and access control constraints for task/object permissions. It is also capable of enforcing/violating specific security properties on process traces, such as SoD/BoD, Unauthorized Access, Corrupted log entries, Skipped Activities.

  • Log synthesis (MXML format)
  • PNML Import
  • Security Features
  • Multiple simulation runs per log file


SEPIA Security-oriented PN Framework


SEPIA stands for ”Security-oriented Petri Net Framework” and provides implementations for various types of Petri nets. Along Place/Transition-Nets, it supports Petri nets with distinguishable token colors. To support information flow analysis of processes, SEPIA defines so-called IF-Nets, tailored for security-oriented workflow modelling, which enable users to assign security-levels (high, low) to transitions, data elements and persons/agents participating in the process execution.

  • Implementation of P/T nets
  • Implementation of Colored Petri nets
  • Implementation of Colored Workflow nets
  • Implementation of IF-Nets
  • Petri net traversal
  • Petri net refinement
  • Reachability utils
  • PNML Parsing


SEWOL Security-oriented Workflow Lib


SEWOL provides support for the handling of workflow traces. It allows to specify the shape and content of process traces in terms of entries representing the execution of a specific workflow activity. Currently it supports plain text, Petrify, MXML and XES log file types.
In order to specify security-related context information, SEWOL provides access control models such as access control lists (ACL) and role-based access control models (RBAC).

  • Workflow Log Support (log traces and entries)
  • Export of log files to disk
  • MXML, XES and Petrify log format support


JAGAL Java Graph Library


The Java Graph Library (JAGAL) is a Java library for modelling directed graphs. It comes with implementations of various types of graphs and transition systems, as well as utilities for their modification and traversal.

  • Implementation of directed graphs
  • Implementation of directed weighted graphs
  • Graph algorithms (Tarjan for SCCs)
  • Graph visualization (Circle layout)
  • Graph traversal (depth first, breadth first)
  • Traversal utils (Predecessors, Siblings, Cycles, ...)
  • Implementation of Transition Systems
  • Implementation of Labelled Transition Systems


TOVAL Toms Java Library

External Project


TOVAL comprises a set of java classes for common programming issues. It includes utils for arrays, lists, sets and collections for convenient handling and modification, but also support for mathematic definitions concerning logic (clauses and resolution) together with some algorithms for permutations, powersets and resolution. Additionally it contains a number of types for multisets, matrices with object keys and much more.

  • Constraint Specification (numerical and string)
  • Debugging features (rudimentary)
  • File Handling
  • Graphical Utils
  • Graphical Statistical Diagrams
  • Mathematical Utils (permutations, truth tables, binomial coeff., logic, ...)
  • Time Utils (intervals, time scale and conversion)
  • Parameter validation
  • Random value generation
  • Utils for collections, arrays, lists, sets, strings